Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Night Pizza Club (MNPC), Rubirosa

MNPC was created when a few friends kept trying to say their favorite pizza place was best. So we went to a few all touting one over the other and then ranking them. Monday was an easy night where we could all make it and after a few meetings, it was clear, the Monday Night Pizza Club was born. It’s been about 3 years and counting.  It was also clear that I was the secretary as I send the email and coordinate the group. This works well for me because I have the final say as to where we go.  The rules of MNPC are simple: 
  1. No slice joints 
  2. Coal oven is best, but we’ll take what we can get 
  3. Mushroom pizza was the gold standard (now we opt for the house special and mushroom is a default pie) 
  4. Always order the Montepulciano when possible (generally reasonably priced, usually really good)
We had a tag line a long time ago, “truth, justice, and the pursuit of really good pizza,” but I’m not sure what ever happened to that.

MNPC is made up of core members, me, Copy Gal, the Web Guy,Mr. Media Training, and the drummer who asked I refer to him as LGFEO (which I’m told is a song from a band he used to be in). There are other honorary members like Gramercy Guy and Web Guy’s Girl and Mr. Media Training's wife.  Guests are always welcome, as long as you follow the rules. 

Tonight we went to Rubirosa on Mulberry Street. 

I had been with family before and was excited to go back and try more pizzas. They are known for their vodka sauce pie and it was as good as I remember. 

We also had the Mushroom (mushrooms, prosciutto, peas, and pecorino)

Sausage & Broccoli Rabe

Bianca (ricotta, fresh mozzarella, and parmigiano) 

Oh and the Montepulciano

The pizza is excellent; the crust is really super thin and crispy, very tasty with the right amount of char. I want to go back and try the rest of their menu but somehow I don’t think I’ll ever get passed the pizza. 

In the words of LGFEO, ‘It looks like we did it again, another successful MNPC.’

What’s your favorite pizza in all of the boroughs? Post yours in the comments section or tweet me @gramercy_girl 

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