Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HIghlands, NYC

It seems like there's been a recent boom of British gastropubs in New York lately. I've been lucky enough to try most of them with Georgia Peach and Copy Gal. Tonight, we went to Highlands. We got there early, even for a Tuesday, so it was pretty quiet, I think the place would feel really cozy as it fills up. 

The menu is small but so inviting, even Copy Gal had plenty of choices (she's picky). Outside of the haggis, I would eat everything on the menu. 

We started with a scotch egg, good spot on that on GP, I would have missed it. This egg in the rank of the 3 I've had is 2. The sausage had a nice spiciness to it and I liked the seasoning in breadcrumbs. It was served with a side of a tangy barbeque sauce, but really, who needs it with the creamy yolk goodness. I think the scotch egg might have to be on the table at my last supper. 

For entrees, I had the Atlantic cod with bubbles and squeak (veggies in potatoes) and a rocket (arugula) salad. Everything was light and easy, perfect for a hot summer night. 

Copy Gal had the Wild Mushroom Shepard's Pie. 

Georgia Peach had the Fresh Blue Crab on Toast and seared scallops. She has a new thing for cauliflower puree.

Which British gastropubs in the city have you been to, and which is your favorite?

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