Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Po' Boys on a Rainy Sunday

Sunday was a cold rainy day in New York City. It was the perfect excuse to stay in and do very little. Our friend,  the Senator, was better than me to brave the elements and come hang out. The boys went to Good Beer, for a drink and to pick up some beers, our growler is now full! While the boys were out, I went to brave the Sunday afternoon crowds at Eataly. I’m lucky enough to live close by and am able to use it as my local market, but sometimes, the crowds are just too much. After I fought my way to the fish counter, I ordered my red snapper and a dozen shrimp. Gramercy Guy requested Po' Boys for dinner. I also had to fight my way to the bread counter to get a nice French baguette, at least I could use it as a weapon to get to checkout. 

Appetizers were simple, Doritos Nachos. I’m not sure why it took Taco Bell to create a Doritos taco shell for me to think of marrying Doritos and nachos. This was my first attempt and we were not disappointed. I layered chips on the bottom, and then shredded jack cheese on top, some reduced fat sour cream, refried beans, and jalapenos, then created another layer of the same then topped with extra cheese. I baked it at 250 until all the cheese was melty and gooey. I forgot the salsa, but they were great none-the-less.

For dinner, I made the Po' Boys. I cut 1lb of snapper and cleaned the shrimp. Then I dredged them in an egg wash that I seasoned with sriracha. Then into panko that was seasoned with salt, pepper, chili powder, ancho chili powder, and some red chili flakes. I’m not going to give measurements, do it all to taste. I went spicy, knowing my audience.  I then cooked the fish and shrimp in a few tablespoons of oil, until the fish was cooked and crispy on all sides. The pieces were small and the pan was hot so it only took about 5-8 minutes to cook. 

The garnish for a Po' Boy is a good aioli, I put together a fast one of mayo, ketchup, lots of sriracha, and a few shakes of garlic Tabasco. Again, make this as spicy and you like. If you don’t like spicy, then just go straight mayo or use coleslaw. I also had some heirloom tomatoes and Napa cabbage. I served with some coleslaw and macaroni salad on the side. 

Dinner must have been good because the Senator told me he was still thinking about the next day.

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