Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Brunch, Alison Eighteen

Brunch is my favorite meal of the week, you can get breakfast or lunch and you get to drink. I've been reading lots of good things about Alison Eighteen and so we made a reservation for brunch. Brunch started off really great. They had a fantastic drink menu. I had a drink with cucumber vodka and rosemary, it was really refreshing. Gramercy Guy had a pineapple caipirinha. 

After ordering, they brought us really good crusty, chewy bread. To accompany the bread, we were given a little dish with spices that the waiter poured very rich tasting olive oil. It was heaven, and you know I liked it because I hardly ever eat the bread before my meal. 


I had the spit roasted chicken with root vegetables. It was one of the best restaurant chickens I've ever had. It was juicy and well seasoned and the veggies were great. It was like my last taste of winter. 


Gramercy Guy got the fried artichoke eggs Benedict. He liked it, but I think we were expecting something different. This was your regular eggs Benedict, with some fried artichoke sprinkled on top. It was really good, just not totally what we expected. 

Dessert on the other hand, phenomenal, we got the beignets. The menu said with lemon cream and chocolate sauce. I thought they were going to come with two dipping sauces. What came out was much better, the dough was filled with the lemon cream. This was my kind of dessert, not greasy and not overly sweet.

This was the perfect end to the meal, a true high note. I look forward to going back to Alison Eighteen for dinner. 

Have you been to Alison Eighteen? What was your meal like?

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