Sunday, April 22, 2012

Burger Club: The Toucan and the Lion

It was once again Burger Club,and we were really excited to try The Toucan and The Lion. They have recently gotten some great press plus they have a scotch egg and an unusual burger.

We were lucky to get a reservation only a few weeks out, we are a group of 7, and the place is tiny, with only a handful of tables, seating probably 40 at most. I should preface this post by saying this is a new restaurant and perhaps they are still getting their footing and working out the kinks, at least, I hope that's what it is.

We ordered drinks and some apps, which all came at different times, some drinks took longer to arrive than others and the apps, I'm assuming came out as they were ready, or tapas style, which I think while not ideal isn't terrible either. Just wish we knew the process. For apps we had ribs which the waiter said would be life changing. Of the guys who had ribs, they liked them but weren't changed because of them.

We also had the Short Rib Tacos
And of course the Scotch Egg.

If you follow me, you know that I had my first scotch egg only a few weeks ago while at The Breslin Bar. Becuase this is only my second scotch egg, I have to do a side by side comparison. This one had lots of promise, with a duck sausage and a lime aioli. To me, it fell very flat, and wasn't that flavorful. I thought it was odd that an order of scotch eggs comes with 3 halves. Also, our 2 orders came out at least 5 minutes apart. 

Entrees took an extremely long time to be served. While we kept ordering drinks and having a good time, we did think it was staggered strangely. Our waiter came over to apologize and brought us a Mango Salad. I hear it was pretty good, but I don't like mango, so I didn't try it. It also seemed like an odd offering for a table of 7 to share.
Being that this was burger club, we all got the burger. Theirs is an interesting take with applewood smoked bacon, a spicy cashew butter and fried pickles instead of fries. I will mention that the menu clearly states no substitutions, but when I asked to have mine without bacon, I was told no. The chef has designed an entree and will only serve it as he designed it. Fine, I get that, I can take off my own bacon, just seems wasteful to me. 
The fried pickles were fantastic. I've had fried pickles before, but not like these. The outside was crispy and on the inside, the pickle still had a good crunch and snap. The burger I would give high marks for originality. All the elements worked really well, but I found the cashew butter to overwhelm the meat and I didn't pick up much beef flavor. Now, had I kept my bacon on, maybe that would have been different. 

We ordered sides for the table, and those didn't come until we were close to finishing our burgers. At one point, we asked to cancel the sides and we were told the chef was already making them. Ok, I can accept that, but when our sides were finally served, they came out wrong. We ordered 2 patatas bravas and 1 brussells sprouts. It came the oppoistie, which was fine, by the time we got them, no one even wanted them.
All said, this was burger club and the burger was very original. I don't think we've had a burger like it, with cashew butter, and I'm sure we won't again. But with the inflexibility of the kitchen and the poor timing of the service, I don't think I'll be back for a long time. 

Then off to dessert at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. I was too full for dessert, but far be it for me to stop anyone else.

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