Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Melt Shop, NYC

Everyone has their go to comfort food or the food they remember fondly from their childhood. Mine is grilled cheese which is why I was super excited when dinner with Copy Gal and Georgia Peach was at Melt Shop. The Melt Shop recently took top honors at Big Cheesy, and is not your average grilled cheese shop. This is where adults go for grilled cheese. The menu is small but looks so good; I had a hard time deciding. I sent a tweet out asking for suggestions and lucky for me, Melt Shop suggested everything, thanks for the help!

The Melt Shop for those looking for it is on 53rd and Lex, just go down the stairs to the plaza. All the food is made to go but there are plenty of tables outside. It was a nice night so we dined al fresco. 

For my sandwich, I went with the day’s special, buffalo chicken with blue cheese, red cabbage slaw on sourdough bread. It was delicious, the bread was well toasted and the spiciness of the chicken went well with the blue cheese and the sweetness of the cabbage.  It left me full but wanting to try more.

 The girls and I shared an order of the tater tots…which were yummy.

The only problem I can see with the Melt Shop is how soon is too soon to go back and try a different sandwich? 

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