Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Breslin, NYC

Last night was supposed to be our monthly meeting of Burger Club but we failed to get a quorum so it ended up being another dinner with the Georgia Peach and Thyroid Storm. Not being Burger Club also meant that all entrees on the menu were available. That being said, 3 of the 4 of us ordered the burger, sometimes we lack creativity.  

The Breslin does not take reservations, unless you’re staying at the hotel. When we arrived, the joint was jumping but luckily, we only had to wait about 45 minutes. Not too bad plus you can have a drink at the bar while you wait. You can also order food in the bar area, if you can snag as seat.  We were seated in a great booth decorated with elks and a hawk chasing a rodent. Sure made me hungry, or maybe in the mood to hunt, if only I knew how. 

I eat a lot of things that I love, but few things that I think of as life changing. The scotch egg at The Breslin was my first scotch egg and my life has been changed. A scotch egg is a soft boiled egg wrapped in sausage then covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. My only regret is I shared mine with Gramercy Guy, I could have eaten about 3 of these.  If I start a quest to find the best scotch egg, The Breslin will forever be the gold standard.  The Tuscan Kale (kale is the new spinach) was like a Caesar but gamier. 

Scotch Egg
Scotch Egg from the inside

The lamb burgers were really good. They were juicy and served with a slice of feta which added a nice saltiness. The thrice cooked chips were thick fries that were well done, delicious, and not very greasy.  Gramercy Guy had the dorade with cockles and beans. He really enjoyed it, but I found it to a be a little fishy for my taste.

The Dark Chocolate Tarte for dessert had no chance against the four of us. I couldn't even get a photo before it was gone. This was all I can get.

If that's not a rave review, I'm not sure what is. 
The cookie plate was just eh. If I was going to suggest two desserts, get two chocolate tartes.

I've said the scotch egg was life changing. What food have you had that changed your life?

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