Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dinner & a Movie (Plaza Food Hall and The Artist)

Tonight, I went for a quick dinner with my friend, the Georgia Peach, and then to see the Artist. 

The Plaza Food Hall is a great place to grab a quick bite. It’s set up like the European style food halls, except, you don’t have to order from the counter you are seated in front of.  We split the Pork and Scallion dumplings. (oops I took one off the plate before getting the shot). 

And the flat bread with Brussels sprouts and speck. There was a little too much speck, but it comes off easily.

The movie was at the Paris Theater, I like the old school romance of the single movie house where the curtain pulls away at the start of the movie and you only get 2 coming attractions and zero commercials. Only problem was the movie. Full disclosure, I don’t particularly like most of the movies I see in the theater. Secretly, I only go for the popcorn. I did want to see the Artist. I think the concept sounded fun, and after all the accolades, it had to be good, right? Well I’m not so sure. The dog was charming, and the acting was great but my big take-away from the movie adapt or die and I would think that with all the awards and nominations it would be better.  What did you think about the Artist?

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