Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Forcella NYC/MNPC

The long awaited, much anticipated Monday Night Pizza Club has finally happened. But wait, today is Wednesday. Well folks, sometimes, not often, the MNPC meets on another day. After clearing up scheduling conflicts we opted for today, Leap Day, for our meeting. We went to Forcella NYC (the Bowery location). 

It's been about a month since our last meeting and I don't eat that much pizza between MNPCs so I was really excited for some tonight. I have to say, the service was great, from the minute we walked in, to the minute we walked out, we felt like they really wanted to make sure we enjoyed the Forcella experience, but not in a pushy way.  There is a good selection of pizzas and we settled on four so we could get one slice from each. The dough and crust were really good, the perfect chewiness and it had just the right amount of char. I did find the centers to be a little watery so all the toppings slide right off, but it wasn't a problem enough for me to say I won't go back. I did have my eye on some pizzas that we didn't get and the nutella pizza for dessert sounded heavenly. 

Here's what we did get: 

Materdei (margherita with hot salami)

Margherita Regina

 San Gregorio (cheese, pesto, tomato and truffle oil)

Montanara (this one was so good, it couldn't wait to be eaten. The dough is lightly fried before it's baked. Tastes sweet like a zeppoli with sauce and cheese)

Stay tuned for  the next MNPC on March 12. Until then, have you been to Forcella? What's your favorite pizza there? 

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  1. Nice Post, GG. Looking forward to more ideas from the MNPC :o)