Sunday, March 11, 2012

ABC Kitchen, NYC

ABC Kitchen has been high on my list of places to try since they opened. For many reasons I kept putting it off, poor planning, hard reservation to get, friends didn’t want to go. Thanks to Chanel and the Brit for helping make this happen and wanting to go too.  Also, thanks for the Sprinkles cupcake (peanut butter chip) it was delicious! 

ABC Kitchen was worth my personal wait and now I am planning the next time I can go back. The service was really great, once our waitress found out that there were people with food allergies at our table, she pointed out allergy free foods.  We did order a dessert with nuts and requested them on the side. When it arrived with nuts, it was whisked away as quickly as it came and replaced in no time.  Also, we ordered some drinks with dessert and they still hadn’t arrived after the dessert plates were cleared, they were declared on the house when they finally arrived.  It was the right thing to do, and our waitress was tipped in kind. 

Even better was the food. We all got totally different things and we all were tempted to lick our plates. The food is so fresh and the flavor combinations wonderful. The worst thing I can say about the food is the maple bacon biscuit was too bacon-y, for me, because I don’t like bacon, but great for bacon lovers. 

Doughnuts: Thyme & Lemon and chocolate

Maple Bacon Biscuits

Scrambled Eggs & Crispy Potatoes


Breakfast special, fried eggs & homemade sausage

Mushroom, Parmesan, oregano, and farm egg pizza

We were seated near the kitchen, I almost wanted to go in to be the 'official' food taster. ABC, call me if you need me 
Lastly, you have to appreciate a place where Lou Read saunters in and asks for a table and at first is told no because he didn’t have a reservation, however, a table was made available for him. (He ordered the lobster). The Brit’s biggest regret about brunch, he wasn’t able to borrow an apron from our waitress and offer Lou some water. This was not the first time he and Lou’s paths have crossed but alas he’ll have to wait for the next to chat him up. 

Have you been to ABC Kitchen, what's your favorite thing there? 

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