Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jaleo, Las Vegas

There are so many places to eat in Las Vegas that you will never run out of options, however, many of them are just outposts of New York restaurants and why go away and eat at the same places you can at home? I like to try places that I don’t have the opportunity to at home. Jose Andres’ Jaleo is not in New York and was recently listed in the top 100 restaurants in the country. Having been to many places on the list, Jaleo was the first reservation we made for this trip. 

Jaleo is served tapas style and has many modern takes on old classics some were exceptional (the chicken wing special with sherry reduction and a blue cheese)  others fell a little flat to me (patatas bravas) and others way over salted (lobster paella). The best part of Jaleo was the table seated next to us. Terance and Alfonso, two brothers from California. We shared some food with them so we were all able to try some bites of food we otherwise wouldn’t have ordered.  Boys, don’t forget to get in touch when you come to NYC!

Delicious Sangria

Pan Con Tomate with Serrano

Manchego and really great raisins

Patatas Bravas
Wings with blue cheese on the rim (the best thing we ate here)

All in all, Jaleo was just very ok, and in my opinion, not top 100 restaurants in the country good. I don't think Jaleo will be on the list next time I'm in Vegas. That being said, there is another Jose Andres that I will give a try, China Pablano. 

Have you been to any of the Jaleos, do you agree with my review?

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