Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Todd English P.U.B., Las Vegas

March Madness is truly madness if you’re looking for a spot to sit at any Vegas sports book after 8AM. So, Friday morning, we got our bets in and headed to find a comfortable place to get something to eat and watch some games. Walking around, we ended up at Todd English P.U.B., which had everything we wanted; seats at the bar, breakfast options, and TVs showing the games. This was one spot, I was glad we stopped in, I had one of the best bloody mary’s, ever, spicy, with the right mix of vodka (Hangar One) and tomato juice and the perfect garnish of pickled carrot and a block of cheddar cheese with some pickled string beans, all with a salt and peppered rim. Delightful. One of those babies and that’s all I needed for the afternoon.  Breakfast was good but a little salty for my taste. There were a few brunch options, I got the bacon, egg, cheese sandwich (bacon on the side) and Gramercy Guy had the English breakfast, fried eggs, bacon, toast and beans. These beans were the show stealer. I traded my bacon for the beans and thinking about them now is making my mouth water. There was meat (I was told from the bar tender, it’s what’s ever left on the cutting board) with the right balance of smoky (probably from the meat) and sweet. Had I known how good the beans were, I would have swapped the fries I barely touched for more beans. And you know what they say about beans being for the heart. So really this was a perfectly balanced meal between the beans and the tomato juice.

The cool thing about Todd English P.U.B. is their drink challenge. Along the bar, there are many hour glasses that flip; they are timed for 7 seconds. The challenge: if you can drink a pint of beer before the time runs out, it’s free. I knew I wasn’t up for the challenge but watched many people around me do it, some more than once. Matt, the bartender, guessed that about 80% of the people who try actually succeed. Not too bad. Do you think you can do it?

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