Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mastro's Ocean Club, Las Vegas

I was introduced to Mastro’s by the Pencil Pimp. He had nothing but good things to say about it, so last year, we gave it a shot. Mastro’s is the perfect hybrid of really good seafood and classic steakhouse.  When you walk in the first thing you smell is the juicy steaks coming out of the kitchen. This was our second time here and I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as good as I remembered. Lucky for us, it was just as good. I remembered that they had a nice wine list and they still do. Gramercy Guy was able to get Darioush (one of our favorite Napa wineries) by the glass, which is really hard to find. 

While our waiter was walking us through the menu, some specials, and suggestions, I zeroed in on a salad called, the Spicy Mambo, which is a take on a Caesar salad, without croutons but has horseradish and blue cheese crumbles. It was really tasty and I’m looking forward to going home and adjusting my Caesar dressing recipe with some fresh horseradish. 

A secret menu item is the Mastro's Mash. It used to be on the menu but has recently come off, if you ask, they will make it for you. It's like a loaded baked potato but mashed. We also got sauteed spinach, don't forget your greens.

Spicy Mambo Salad (and this is only a 1/2 portion)

Red Snapper Oreganata
Bone-in Filet
The design of Mastro's is really amazing, they have what they call a 'tree house', a wooden structure that has two levels. The bottom is the Crystal's information desk and the top level is the Mastro's tree house. When we booked our reservation, we requested a table in the tree house. Once you step inside, the atmosphere totally changes, the band (which is really good) gets muffled and it's very relaxing and feels almost private (there are about a dozen tables).

View from our table

Tree house, full view
My advice for anyone going to Mastro's...share...the portions are huge and unless you have a place to store your left overs, it will all go to waste. Also, the pretzel rolls in the bread basket are amazing.

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