Saturday, March 31, 2012

MNPC: Don Antonio, NYC

Went to Don Antonio Wednesday night with the MNPC (Monday Night Pizza Club). We were very excited to try Don Antonio, it is owned by the folks behind Keste (a fav of the MNPC) and the owner of one of the oldest pizza places in Naples. Don Antonio also brings pizza to the pizza wasteland of Midtown West. This was our first trip to the neighborhood in the 3+ years of the MNPC. How could it be bad? 

We got there on the early side, fearing a crowd and long wait. We were wrong, other than the crying baby, there were only a few tables. When we were shown to a table next to the men’s room, LGFEO asked for a different table (there were at least four other 4 tops available) and were told gruffly that we should take the table we were shown to. Thank goodness there was a 2nd door to the men’s room providing us with a buffer.  But what was the big deal about another table?  However, after that, everything was much better. Our waiter was great, walked us through the menu, spurted off a nice list of beers available off the top of his head and paced our meal perfectly. We always like to order all our pizzas and then ask to be served one or two at a time, ensuring that the others won’t get cold while we eat. 

The pizzas were really good, but not amazing. We all found the hot sopressata to have a strange taste. But maybe that’s just what good sopressata should taste like. All said, I would go back, if I was in the area, but given the choice between Keste and Don Antonio, I would pick Keste. 

Buratta Roberto, topped with house-made buratta

Diavola, with hot sopressata
Antonio Starita's Specialty, fried then topped and baked

Vesuvio, stuffed Pizza) inside: fresh ricotta, homemade mozzarella, salami. on top: tomato sauce, italian ham, mushrooms, basil

The Stuffing
Ironically, we ordered a pie what we believe is named after Mt. Vesuvius, and were seated next to this painting

Have you had good pizza in the New York area? What's you're favorite?

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